2 what should healthsouth s auditors ernst young have done if they had perceived these flaws

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Ernst & Young Could Face New Liability in HealthSouth Case

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3. How – in accounting terms – did the manipulation of HealthSouth’s financial statements take place? On a quarterly basis, the company’s senior officers presented Scrushy with an analysis of HealthSouth’s actual earnings compared with the analyst’s expected earnings%(23).

They would have known Ernst and Young's practices well and probably retained many friends there. They were well placed to design and implement a fraud that would not too obviously trigger the auditor's alarm bells. The role of HealthSouth's existing auditors, Ernst & Young, has been questioned by accounting experts.

These staff would. Ernst & Young Could Face New Liability in HealthSouth Case. admin. Sift Media Ernst & Young had no comment on The Times' story.

HealthSouth officials refused to discuss any plans to sue Ernst & Young. A spokesman for HealthSouth said there is a difference between the questionable accounting practices suspected at Ernst & Young â.

What were the major flaws in HealthSouth’s governance? 2.

HealthSouth, Inc.: A Case of Corporate Fraud

What sould HealthSouth’s auditors, Ernst & young, have done if they had Ernst & young, have done if they had perceived these flaws? 3. How-in accounting terms – did the manipulation of healthsouth’s financial What is the auditor’s responsibility in a case of fraud? 6. HealthSouth was founded in by Richard Scrushy and went public in Byit had grown in market value to more than $12 billion (Solomon et al.

).Despite the company's rapid growth, things were not quite as positive as they appeared to outsiders. Questions. What should HealthSouth’s auditors, Ernst & Young, have done if they had perceived these flaws?

2 what should healthsouth s auditors ernst young have done if they had perceived these flaws
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