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Akbar won unique applause from the people, especially the non-Muslims, for this unchanging gesture.

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Hanger a new religion: Previously the tales used to act as the higher arbiter of all such brutal questions in their capacity as mujtahids the elements of Islamic law. However throughout his reign Akbar adopted a number of measures in the religious sphere that have been termed as liberal.

It was the crystallization of these measures that ultimately resulted in the adoption of a new state policy known as "Sulh-i-kul " or universal peace between all religions in the last 25 years of his reign/5(2). AKBAR'S RELIGIOUS VIEWS AND SOCIAL REFORMS Two aspects of Akbar's religious policy need to be distinguished— his state policies, and his own personal ideas and beliefs.

While no water-tight distinction can be made between the two, it should be realized that personal ideas and beliefs did not always determine state policies. Akbar's state policy. What was Akbar's Policy towards the Hindus?

Pragati Sen There were Sufis and they encouraged Akbar to follow a liberal policy in matters of religion. Akbar possessed an unusual amount of imagination and initiative. He possessed an adventurous mind and was prepared to make experiments in every field.

Short Essay on the Achievements of. AKBAR’S RELIGIOUS POLICY BY- TANMAY KULSHRESTHA skayra.comY UNIVERSITY OF DELHI ͞History does not repeat itself.

Evaluate the Religious Policy of Akbar

The historians repeat one another͟ -Max Beerbohm {English caricaturist} Akbar had been brought up in an atmosphere surcharged with conflicting religious influences.

Evaluate the Religious Policy of Akbar: The religious policy of Akbar the Greatr was the most liberal exponent of the policy of toleration among all Muslim ruler in India. However, his religious views went through a process of slow evolution.

From his childhood Akbar had come in contact with Sufism. W.

Akbar’s Religious Views and His Policy towards Hindus

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Akbars essay policy religious
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What was Akbar's Policy towards the Hindus?