Committed to connecting to our communities

They inspire, challenge and meet our children grow into the next story of leaders, innovators and parents.

Our Evolving Campus

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COMMUNITY INVESTMENT: Connecting to Our Communities

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Community Benefit

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Commitment to Our Communities. Johns Hopkins University is nested in local, national, and international communities. The university is not only in Baltimore—it is truly and proudly of Baltimore. As the city’s largest anchor institution, firmly rooted in the city’s past and its. At Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, we believe that communities are healthier and happier when trail networks are central to their design.

That’s why we’re committed to connecting trails and building comprehensive trail systems that bring people together and get them where they want to go. GEHA supports civic involvement, and we back that commitment with charitable contributions at both a local and national level.

We engage in community projects that are meaningful to employees, demonstrate GEHA's commitment to the community, and provide assistance to groups affecting the community's health and wellness. Committed To Our Community Ciner Resources has been extracting trona from the Green River Basin in Wyoming since As a global leader in the soda ash industry, we not only feel it is our responsibility to preserve our surrounding environment, but to serve the communities.

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MAXIMUS is committed to helping Texas in the wake of Storm Harvey. May 31,

Committed to connecting to our communities
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