Community treatment models in the context of client driven services

Assertive community treatment

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Recovery approach

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Principles of Effective State Sentencing and Corrections Policy

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Recovery approach

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BOP-4 includes a model-driven case management solution, smoothly integrated with BPMN. Within the OMG, the Government Domain Task Force works on standardization of. The inquiry into community intervention models to date has been practice- driven, with theory following the emergence of models in the field rather than vice versa.

BOP-4 includes a model-driven case management solution, smoothly integrated with BPMN. Within the OMG, the Government Domain Task Force works on standardization of. The social community model for the treatment of alcohol and other drug problems. A report by the Social Model Consensus Panel convened by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, Los Angeles, CA.

The brokerage/generalist, assertive community treatment, strengths-based, and clinical/rehabilitation case management models are adapted from the mental health treatment field for use with substance abusing and dependent clients (CSAT, ).

What Is Assertive Community Treatment?

Its substance abuse treatment program has made a concerted and sustained effort to develop working agreements with major sources of referral, reflecting client needs in the community (e.g., corrections, child protective services, adult and family services, and a local community college).

Community treatment models in the context of client driven services
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