Community windshield survey

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The windshield survey

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windshield survey

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NURS 467: Public Health Nursing Essentials for the Registered Nurse: Home

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Is there a mix of seemingly and small businesses?. Community Windshield Survey Task: In this assignment, you will conduct a windshield survey of your community. Directions: Collecting assessment data on the physical environment is referred to as a windshield survey.

The windshield survey reflects what one can view from a car window as one drives through a community or during a walking tour of. Project description Guidelines Below are the requirements needed for successful completion of the Windshield Survey Form.

skayra.comuction to the Community: Identify the community you will be using for this assignment with the city and state and provide a brief one paragraph description of the community.

Community Windshield Survey Monica Feinberg Chamberlain College of Nursing Community Health Nursing NR Hyacinth Carreon April 28, Community Windshield Survey The community I have chosen for this paper is The South ward of Newark, New Jersey where the hospital which I.

NR Week 2 Caring for Populations: Milestone 1 – Community Windshield Survey Form NR Week 2 Discussion Question – Windshield Survey NR Week 2 Discussion Question – Demographic and Epidemiologic assessment.

WINDSHIELD SURVEY 2 Windshield Survey The purpose of a windshield survey is to learn about a client’s community by performing an assessment of the environment in order to understand more about where the client lives, their.

Windshield Survey: Assess your community by doing a windshield skayra.comation about the components of a windshield survey is located in your textbook, Nies & McEwen () on page 98 (Box 6 .

Community windshield survey
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