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I want couple of cows because this will supply us milk, which we can convert them to butter, cheese, and ghee. Show jumping is a career and a full-time job as you travel around the world, but it can be a lot of fun. Horse Jumping Essay and the occasional week away at a church retreat, but my favorite was horse camp.

I rode English style, which consists of riding my horse with the best posture possible and jumping over the jumps with as much.

My favourite animal is the dog My favourite animal is dog My instinct tells me the dog is the correct one, but I've found so many instances on the internet where native speakers say My favourite animal is dog that makes me wonder if that sentence is also correct.

Apr 03,  · My favorite toy is my mini basketball hoop because I can play a lot of games with it like knock-out, horse and a lot of others.

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Dylan Tatoris Valley View School. Jun 06,  · As a senior high school student, I am very busy with my studies. Although I am very fond of watching television, I can only spend an hour after dinner on my hobby.

Lesson 1: My favourite sport. Do you like sports? Which is your favourite sport? I like horse riding. I'm a sporty fellow.

And that's who I am! I like playing basketball. If you know how to play one of these sports, stand up and show the class. Do people like/play them in Greece? Do you know other sports that people like in other.

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