Refraction through a lens

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Refraction in lenses

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Refraction of light by Spherical Lenses

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Refraction by Lenses

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Refraction Through a Lens Video

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Refraction of light by Spherical Lenses

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Refraction Through a Lens One of the ways we manipulate light to make it do what we want to do is by using lenses to change the direction of light. This is some background information for you, the teacher.

Refraction Through a Lens: Different combinations of lenses, light is focused to create an image we could not see with the naked eye.

Telescopes are able to see very distant objects that are very small to our sight and magnify them so we can see the details. So if the path of several light rays through a lens is traced, each of these light rays will intersect at a point upon refraction through the lens.

Each observer must sight in the direction of this point in order to view the image of the object. A convex lens of short focal length bends the light rays through large angles, by focussing them closer to the optical centre.

Concave lens of very short focal length causes higher divergence than the one with longer focal length.

Image Formation Revisited

As the light travels through the lenses, it refracts in accordance to Snell's law by refracting towards the normal as it enters the lens and then refracting away from the normal as it passes back out.

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Refraction through a lens
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