Soft sediment communities composition

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Soft sediment macroalgae in two New Zealand harbours: Biomass, diversity and community composition

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Green River Fossil Adventures

Very little research has been carried out on soft sediment algal communities in New Zealand. In this study we documented macroalgal richness, biomass and community composition, comparing sites in Whangarei and Otago Harbours, at two sampling times, and two tidal levels using two collecting methods.

Jan 20,  · For our soft-sediment intertidal community, we found that the majority of the observed spatiotemporal variation in infauna was accounted for by structural factors (site, plot), rather than measured top-down, middle-out, bottom-up and abiotic variables.

Just-IN. Just-IN manuscripts are pdf versions of authors’ accepted manuscripts prior to copy editing and page composition. Although considered published, Just-IN manuscripts are not the official version of record and can be substantially different from the final version. Sensitivity of the early life stages of a mayfly to fine sediment and orthophosphate levels ☆.

Soft sediment communities composition
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