What is best for america essay

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Oct 06,  · Best Answer: Don't list your reasons in the beginning you can combine them into one thesis statement like America was founded on the basis of freedom and opportunities. Diverse cultures sculpted America into the great country it is skayra.com: Resolved.

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Among other things, America is the leader in economy, technology, and defense in the world. As well, America’s people have the best status of living in the entire world and should be an example to all growing countries. America also has one of the most advanced. I think that America is a great place and I am proud to be an American, and in this essay I will demonstrate what I believe an American is.

With these few things it /5(3). December 12th, – Fort Russ News – – from Nova Resistencia, Brazil – edited and translated by J. Flores –. There is a deep, mystical, spiritual America that goes from the Pampas Riograndense, Argentine and Uruguayan, to the Amazon of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, and whose greatness the world has not yet seen.

John D’Agata wants to redefine the essay as art for art’s sake, but the American tradition is rooted in artful sermonizing and pathological point-making.

What is best for america essay
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